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Nature's Design Restores
Water Structure & Energy

Returning Water to Natural High Energy State
Liquid Crystalline, Smooth Taste and Vortex Energy
100% Natural and Eco-Friendly Water that Tastes Better

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Living on-site and Staying Open To Enhance Your Nature Designed Immunity

Giving water back its vortex micro-clustered structure with Carafes, Glasses, Drink Bottles and Water Eggs
Increase your Energy, Support Happiness, Get You Even Healthier and Give You More Immunity

Water Crystals

Will you gift Water Natures Design?

Hexagonal stucture of the water crystal is the sign of harmonic water full of natural energy, like the water in natural streams. Water supply systems weaken the water as crystal without structure shows

Hexagons indicate harmony in water full of natural energy. Water supply systems and filters remove what Natures Design gives back in 3 minutes.More ...

Golden Ratio

How does it influence water?

Photos of water crystals show that the Golden ratio has beneficial influence on the water. That is why shape of all our products is created on the basis of the Golden ratio

Photos of water crystals show six-sided snowflake and sunflower like Golden ratio proportions Nature has for abundant energy, taste and memory.

Thankyou Bottles

Bless Water with Your Thankyou

The range of these first bottles in the world that are made rom 100% natural materials that are 100% degradable

First bottles in world made totally from 100% natural bio-degradable materials with wood or compostable flip-tops. Our Earth says "Thank you. I love your Flower of Life!"


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