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Restoring Liquid Crystalline Vortex Structured Hexagonal E-Z Water with Golden-Ratios, Spirals and Earth Resonance Energies.

Emoto water crystal produced by 3 minutes in an Alladin carafe Emoto water crystal produced by 3 mintues on Nature's Design Energy Plates Emoto Water crystal produced by 3 minutes in a Nature's Design Mythos glass Emoto Water crystal produced by 3 minutes on a Nature's Design Energy plate Emoto Water crystal produced by 3 minutes in Thankyou and Lagoena Drink Bottles

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Thankyou for your interest in the nature of Vortex Water Energisers, Harmonisers and Revitalisers; EMF Space Harmonisers Personal PHI pendants; Water Eggs and living geometry explaining them.Each month Peter and I offer a little about each one of these and cover one in a little depth. We believe in providing information and that every one of our products works better for you if you know a little about how it does so.

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Emoto Water crystal before and after 3 minutes in a Nature's Design Alladin Carafe

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The notes begin to show you the principles of universal design. How you see the world changes so please send us questions and we will build your answers into what we write as we share more. Our books, the vortex structured water you drink and the Energisers and Harmonisers you wear and have at home will add to your understanding because water stores and transmits information. With it we remember.

The Monthly Nature's News

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Natures News: Spiritual Livelihood, Bees + Feeling Good and Protected with Nature's Energies<


Vortex Water Energiser 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design EMF Vortex Air Energiser Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiral Nature's Design Thankyou 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural materials range of drink bottles with golde-ratios for baby, water, and hot teas and coffees 3 and 4 spiral Vortex Harmoniser Pendants

Explore more on Water at: LIVINGWATER.NZ and VORTEXWATER.CO.NZ

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